Michael Landy exhibition and discussion (saints, art and automata)

Just a quick note for anyone interested in art and/or robots: there is currently an exhibition on at the National Gallery by Michael Landy which combines the bodies of saints (as depicted in the gallery’s medieval and Renaissance paintings) with machinery. Creating collages merging saintly human bodies with wheels and cogs, as well as building these machinic holy bodies as huge interactive automata, Landy’s work has divided audiences somewhat. Is it disrespectful of faith, or even art? Or is it offering an insight into the mechanisms of belief? Can the saintly body be understood as a human body, or does faith transform it into something else?

There will be a roundtable discussion on Landy’s exhibition – topics include ancient and medieval saints, modern art and robots – on Tuesday 29th October 7pm – 8pm, room K-1.56 (lower level), the Strand campus, King’s College London.

Landy’s exhibition at the National Gallery ends on: 24th November 2013:


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