Small report of our first meeting

Our first meeting combined discussions on cyborgs and technology with questions of species and race in MMORPGs.

We questioned where the boundary lies between using technology as a tool and becoming dependent upon technology as a kind of cyborg. We wondered where the ‘control’ of technology and online games might lie – is it the company, the consumer or perhaps some sort of mix of these that truly controls the product and the experience? Can technology control human lives? What happens when everything goes wrong and technology starts to think for itself? We also wondered why players of online multiplayer games might choose to play as a nonhuman character, and what the results of this choice may be. What does it mean to play the monster? To what extent does someone play a character that reminds them of themselves? How much of human nature is found in these nonhuman game characters?

We hope to have an equally interesting discussion for our next meeting, which will take on November 11th. Same room, same time. We hope to see you there!


About beingnonhuman

Being Non/Human is an interdisciplinary discussion group aimed at postgraduates and early career researchers. The group was set up and is run by Sophia Wilson and Lydia Zeldenrust. Our group is funded by the English departments of King’s College London and Queen Mary, University of London. View all posts by beingnonhuman

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